Main ShipRobot Features for VIPparcel

  • Create and print USPS domestic and international shipping labels.
  • Supports Priority Mail and First-Class Package Mail Classes.
  • Receive significant discounts on international shipping.
  • Receive commercial plus pricing (significant discounts) on postage without volume requirements.
  • Stealth postage, hides postage amount paid on shipping labels.
  • Made a mistake? Refund USPS shipping labels.

About VIPparcel

We ship thousands of packages every month and have been able to get substantial USPS discount rates. Now we can pass these discounts to you. We promise you that by using VIPparcel you will save on shipping costs and be 100% satisfied with your savings. So give us a try, your profit margins and business will thank you for it.

VIPparcel is a USPS consolidator and is authorized to resell postage.


If you ship by USPS, we've got you covered!

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