Main ShipRobot Features for Express1

  • Create and print USPS domestic and international shipping labels.
  • Supports Priority Mail, Priority Express Mail, First-Class Mail, Priority International, Priority Express International, First-Class Package International.
  • Receive commercial plus pricing (significant discounts) on postage without volume requirements.
  • Stealth postage, hides postage amount paid on shipping labels.
  • Made a mistake? Refund USPS shipping labels.
  • Print SCAN forms so USPS can easily scan one master barcode instead of each label.

About Express1

As a United States Postal Service Solutions Provider, our primary focus is to bridge the gaps between people, process and technology. Express1 is a technology bridge for the USPS by providing API integrated rate and variable shipping software platforms and solutions that the USPS would not otherwise be able to provide or support "real time", either on the technological back-end or customer support facing front-end. Receive a FREE Express1 account when you sign up for ShipRobot.

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